Trend Historical Data

Trend Historical Data

The historical trending is available for analog data points only.  If a site has equipment configured with only discrete data points then the Trending tab is hidden.

How to trend historical data

  1. To access historical data click on the Trend tab on the Live Equipment Detail View.

  2. Select a data value and time period from their corresponding lists.
  3. Click on the Trend button.

  4. The application retrieves and displays the data.  

  5. The data can be downloaded to a csv file by clicking on the Download CSV button.

  6. The application downloads the data to your device.

  7. If there is a custom time period of data you want, then select the Custom option.

  8. Click on the Trend button and the application displays a window to select a date range.

  9. Enter the date and time ranges by key entry or using the calendar and clock icons.

  10. Click on the Retrieve button to get the data.

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