ViewIT Release Notes 2024.04.26.01

ViewIT Release Notes 2024.04.26.01

What’s New in ViewIT

Friday, April 26, 2024

Our Business Connectivity efforts continually involve fine tuning the customer journey for our industrial clients who leverage the ViewIT platform for site and generator management across a growing number of North American installations. New features—both intuitive and seamless to the customer experience—are described in this announcement.

Enhanced Site Filtering

This version includes an addition to the Generator Run Report page view, now featuring a Site filter so that end users can quickly sort through Sites for which they have oversight. The field filter is adjacent to the other filters—Run Type as well as Start and End Dates. These filter options provide a mechanism to sort and narrow the number of returns on screen and therefore for file exports.

Site filtering is enabled regardless of whether sites have had any run events.

Once applied, the page automatically refreshes.

When the user leverages the export feature, all records in the display will be included in the report and tabulated in the exported report summary.

Location Support for Generac’s Growing Canada Customer Base

When an end user adds a Site to the platform utilizing the Site Deployment option, the Location module automatically enables Province selection when the user selects Canada in the Country field. A valid Postal Code is then entered. The entry must conform to the Canada Post six-character format or the UI will provide clear messaging to prevent conflicts or user entry errors.

Spaces are not required. For example, a user would enter either M5R2S2 or M5R 2S2. If the user selects a province that does not correspond to the entered postal code, the platform will also return an error.

This backend enhancement will ensure that pins are precisely locked to latitude/longitude coordinates in the Map View.

Defect Fixes

Resolved an issue with page numbering in the Generator Run Report.


We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please reach out to our support team at Your input is crucial in helping us deliver an exceptional IoT experience.

Thank you for choosing Generac for your energy services solutions.