ViewIT Release Notes 2024-04-15-01

ViewIT Release Notes 2024-04-15-01

The Generator Run Report, operational at a number of industrial sites to facilitate compliance to state-level regulations, has been enhanced to list total run-time hours by run type. These reports now provide both field technicians and other users an important view into asset and aggregated, site-level data.

The report, downloadable to a .CSV file, is leveraged to track asset run-time hours across three key categories: test (maintenance), outages, and for asset run or activation hours, the latter fulfilling a common need in grid services applications. The report is used at our client installations where state regulators could audit run records in situations, for example, where Air Quality Indices (AQIs) would otherwise limit or not permit test-maintenance Run Types.

Export and sorting features are included with this enhancement.

Data is easily exported to a CSV file to support site reporting procedures.

Please refer to our knowledge base article for quick setup steps to enable the report and for information on additional run report features. Be sure to look for further enhancements in the coming weeks as we fine tune our reporting and subscription features.


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