ViewIT Release Notes 2024.02.16.01

ViewIT Release Notes 2024.02.16.01

Release Date February 16, 2024

What's New in ViewIT

The Industrial team is continually fine tuning performance as well as the customer journey for our industrial clients who leverage the platform for site and equipment monitoring across our North American installations. Several intuitive enhancements—largely seamless to the customer experience—are described in this announcement.

Enhancements in Alarm Management

Generac’s Industrial team has been optimizing notification triggers when equipment alarms cycle unexpectedly within short time windows. When this activity results in alarm disablement, email notification is sent to anyone enrolled at the site level. The notification will contain the site and equipment information and timestamps.
Technicians are made aware when alarm notifications are disabled due to notifications exceeding acceptable thresholds. A link in the body of the email is provided so that the user is able to quickly troubleshoot the equipment.

Information will populate the Alarm History tab, giving field technicians a good sense of alarm frequency and a view into problematic equipment.

Additional notifications are paused until the feature is re-enabled in Site and Equipment Configuration settings. Alarm settings are available via the Site and Equipment Configuration menu option.

Contact Information

To configure notifications, navigate to User Preferences. Contact fields are configured from there. Functionality leveraging SMS notifications will be available in the coming weeks.


We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please reach out to our support team at  Your input is crucial in helping us deliver an exceptional IoT experience. 

Thank you for choosing Generac's ViewIT.