IoT Platform Release 2024.01.03.02

IoT Platform Release 2024.01.03.02

Release Date:  January 5, 2024

What's New in the IoT Platform

Consistent Icons: In this release, we've standardized all Info and Delete icons across the entire application. This enhancement ensures a cohesive and unified user experience, promoting visual consistency.

Gateway Serial Number Validation: We've made significant improvements to the Site Deployment process. Now, during Gateway serial number validation, the Next button is disabled to prevent inadvertent clicks. This enhancement prevents the application from entering an unrecoverable error state, providing a smoother deployment experience.

Error Messaging Restoration: We understand the importance of clear communication during the Site Deployment process. Therefore, we have restored error messaging for Gateway validation. Users will now receive appropriate feedback when a Gateway is offline, aiding in troubleshooting and minimizing deployment challenges.


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