IoT Platform Release 2023.12.06.01

IoT Platform Release 2023.12.06.01

Release Date:  December 7, 2023

What's New in the IoT Platform

Site Deployment*
Check out the new Site Deployment improvements. 
  1. The connectivity check image is more descriptive and more intuitive.  
  2. On the Site Deployment Validation screen, we changed the Detail hyperlink to a button.
  3. On the Site Deployment Address Check, we display the Latitude and Longitude for the address listed and the US Postal address we found.
  4. In the Site Deployment if the gateway serial number is not found in our database, then an error is presented immediately below the field.
  5. The interval publication rate default for gateways deployed in the Site Deployment is set to 15 minutes.
  6. We fixed an issue where the wrong error message was showing up if the Azure Communication is misconfigured or down during the use of the Site Deployment.
  7. We fixed an issue where the site pin on the map was disappearing after navigating to the site and equipment configuration wizard and then back to the map.
*After completing the requisite training and obtaining certification, you will be granted the necessary permissions to site deployment feature.

This application is primarily used by Generac Energy Services.  We fixed the issue when a device has been deleted from a device profile causing the equipment definitions to present an error upon saving.

Coming Soon!
  • Map Site Pin clusters with drill down capabilities.
  • Map toggle switch to display sites with active alarms.