IoT Platform Release 2023.11.08.01

IoT Platform Release 2023.11.08.01

Release Date:  November 9, 2023

What's New in the IoT Platform

Site Deployment
We have a few improvements to the Site Deployment that reduces extra mouse clicks or having to navigtate away from the streamlined process to complete the gateway installation.
  1. When a gateway is deployed with the Site Deployment, the Connection Type will be set to Cellular and the Analytics Payload will be set to Disabled.  These settings can be changed by contacting the help desk and submitting a request.

  2. The baud rate will be set based on the controller selected by the end user in the Site Deployment.  Below is a list of the default baud rates.


  3. In addition to the items above, the equipment alarms will be configured automatically during the site deployment.  Below is the list of default configured equipment alarms.  The configured alarms can be re-configured in the Site and Equipment configuration by an Administrator.  

NFPA 110 Reporting
The NFPA 110 Report has been improved to include ATS test data displayed below the Generator data.  Reach out to us, if you have a medical center or hospital that can benefit using this report for compliance and we will get added to their site.