IIoT Platform Release 2023.08.31.01

IIoT Platform Release 2023.08.31.01

Release Date:  September 1, 2023


On the equipment live view, the data streaming functionality has been updated so that you only have to select the play button once every 5 minutes to see live data.  Prior to the change it was required to select the play button every time a new screen was selected.  Now the application keeps the data streaming for any new subsequent site summary or equipment selection.

Self-Deployment Coming Soon!

Development for the new Self-Deployment feature work has begun.  We will provide updates in our release notes, but the changes will not be published live until it is fully developed.  

A new permission has been developed called Site Deployment.  When an individual has the Site Deployment permission assigned to them, they will have a new menu item called Site Deployment.  Selecting this menu item gives the technician all the tools they need to complete an Advanced Gateway deployment without having to call a remote Engineer. 

Other Technical Enhancements

  • Utilizing SignalR for live data streaming.  This allows us to maintain streaming data from Equipment to Equipment and Site to Site.
  • Changed the method for modbus write operations to follow the same path as GPIO writes.  This allows us to turn off an unnecessary function.
  • Added an individual and configurable Google API key for each environment.  This limits the security risks of a global API key.  The global API key is still available as a fallback.
  • Added a feature flag for the IDC self-deployment wizard (defaults to OFF for all customers).  The self-deployment wizard is still under development.