IIoT Platform Release 2023.01.19

IIoT Platform Release 2023.01.19

Release Date:  January 20, 2023


The background color on the application header banner is configurable by a Generac Industrial Connectivity Team Member.  For customer's that have a dedicated environment, if you would like to have the banner color changed, then please submit a ticket to our customer service team at iothelp@bluepillar.com.

Live Data
When accessing the Live pages, the application will display the most recent data value posted to the intervals database.  Available at the top of the screen are two icon options to view the data.
  • To refresh the data based on the publication rate click on the Refresh  button.
  • To turn on live data streaming click on the Play  button.  
To the right of the icons the application will display the time stamp the last data interval that was retrieved.

Defect Fixes

For the Generac Industrial Connectivity Team, we fixed the issue where deployed equipment could not be deleted properly in the DesignIT application which caused it to be orphaned.  To avoid a deployed gateway from getting into that state we have removed the equipment delete button when a gateway is deployed.  If the gateway has not yet been deployed, then you will still have the option to delete the gateway.


All ‘Intervals’ databases will be indexed for better performance when accessing data.