Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2022.04.14

Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2022.04.14

Release Date:  April 14, 2022

New Features


  • The Power Factor attribute has been removed from the top of the NFPA 110 Generator Report.
  • Added to the NFPA 110 Generator Report header is the Begin Time.  This time provides the exact time the report intervals on the report began.  This corresponds to the time when the water temperature or coolant temperature reaches the configured required value before the application will start recording the generator data.
  • Report requests through the API have been added.  This is preliminary work for the 'Report Rerun' feature that will be added to the application in the future.


  • For end-users with Site and Equipment Administrator permissions, there will be a delete option (red x) icon in line with each journal entry to allow for deletion of a journal entry.   A journal entry deletion can also be requested through the API.  Important:  The deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed.   

Easter Egg Hunt

Incorporated with this release is a fun interactive Easter Egg Hunt in the General 2 Environment.  Try to find all 12!