Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2022.03.17.01

Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2022.03.17.01

Release Date:  March 18, 2022

New Features


  • For Users with Site and Equipment Admin permission level, you have the ability to delete past reports.
  • The interval data detection method as been modified to be a configurable time period.  The new setting is a generator attribute called IntervalDiscrepency for the Administrator to configure in DesignIT.  This tells the application when to detect the generator values for the report.
  • Here are some notes for the Blue Pillar Administrator:
    • IntervalDiscrepency is set in minutes, with the lowest possible value being 1.
    • The default IntervalDiscrepency setting is 5 minutes if the generator attribute is not present or is blank.
    • If there is no tag data available at the designated report interval (generally every 5 or 10 minutes during the event), the application will check for the closest telemetry data point forward and backward from that point based on the configured IntervalDiscrepency setting.  For example, say the IntervalDiscrepency attribute is set to 1 minute, and the report interval is looking for a data point at 14:30.  If no tag data is available at that 14:30 timestamp, the application will search the data timestamps forward and backward 1 minute and take the closest value to post in the data grid on the report.
    • If no tag data is found within the IntervalDiscrepency setting, then a dash (-) is posted in the data grid on the report for that data point.
  • The Time to Bus acquisition method has been modified to search the entire event time period and take the maximum time-to-bus value over the period. 

NFPA 110 Generator Report

  • For Blue Pillar Administrator:  The report defaults have been established for all generator attribute definitions in DesignIT.  For an NFPA Report, the only attribute that is required is the ReportType attribute, which must be set to ‘nfpa’.  There is a default setting for all other attributes.  Missing attributes/data will be listed in the Azure ScheduleEventExecutor log.

Pending Equipment Schedules

  • Analog Set Points can now be edited only in Pending Equipment Schedules.   

IoT Suite Features and Enhancements

  • IoT Suite detection of leading, trailing, and consecutive spaces has been added to all applications.  This is simply a warning to the User at the time of text entry and does not prohibit the User from saving text with spaces.
  • Copyright updates on all IoT Suite applications.