Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2021.04.15 Release

Blue Pillar IIoT Platform 2021.04.15 Release

Release Date:  April 16, 2021


  • The Alarm Processor was attempting to insert null DetectDateTimeUtc when verifying a clear of a configured alarm that has no alarm history.  This was an edge case that caused previously configured alarms not to be received on Equipment when a newly configured alarm with no alarm history (on that same Equipment) went to TRUE for the first time.  

New Features

  • Partially released the Site Groups features which is the ability to group sites so that generators at those sites can be dispatched together on-demand or scheduled in the future.  More details about this feature will be made available when the full feature is released.
    • Created new permission for Group Site Admin and Group Schedule Admin.
    • Added the Site Group View.  
  • Created new permission for Blue Pillar Customer Support called Clear Cache.